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State of the art

I set up the first commercial equine ICSI laboratory in the UK in association with Karen Schnauffer (Senior Clinical Embryologist), Twemlows Stud Farm and University of Liverpool. The first foal "Twemlows Little ICSI- TWICSI" was born in 2015. See links below to read more about TWICSI's story:



So What is


The ICSI technique involves the injection of a single sperm into a mature oocyte. Injected oocytes are cultured in vitro for 7-10 days until they reach the blastocyst stage at which point they can can be either frozen or transferred to a recipient mare.

Access to this technique can have major benefits to equine clinical practice.


It offers a method to obtain pregnancies from mares that can no longer produce an embryo for transfer or establish pregnancy and carry a foal to term, and from stallions whose available semen precludes its use in conventional AI either due to low quality and/or low number of remaining straws.