about me


I graduated from the Royal Dick School of Veterinary medicine, University of Edinburgh in 2008 and started my career in Ireland and then set about on an equine reproduction adventure which has taken me to Australia, UK, USA and Saudi Arabia. I completed a residency in Equine Reproduction at the University of Liverpool, during which time I set up the first commercial equine intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) centre in the UK in collaboration with Twemlows stud farm. The first ICSI foal was born in 2015.

I am a diplomate of both the American College of Theriogenology and the European College of Animal Reproduction. Most recently I completed a PhD entitled "A metabolic approach towards optimising equine in vitro maturation" which was a collaborative BBSRC funded project between the University of Liverpool, University of Manchester and Texas A&M University.


I have spent the majority of the last five years researching the metabolism of the equine oocyte and ways to perfect the equine in vitro maturation process- a step that is crucial for successful ICSI outcomes. Establishing collaborations to continue in this exciting field is something I am very excited about.


Based in Dublin, Ireland


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